Application Process

To apply for a job with the Greggs family, simply search for a vacancy near you and apply online. Apply as soon as you can as many of our vacancies attract a high number of applications.

Depending on the position you are applying for, filling in your application may take up to 30 minutes. Applying for Retail and Bakery roles will include a set of questions designed to assess how you respond in certain work situations. If you’re successful at this stage, you can then complete our Right Fit Quiz to help you decide if the role you are applying for is right for you. You will need your school, college and work history, as well as qualifications and dates and the details of two referees. If you're 16 years old, one of your referees will need to be a teacher from your school. Please note that you will need to be above the official school leaving age too. This means you cannot apply until the summer following your 16th Birthday.

You will be asked to create an account, which will enable you to save the information you have typed in and return to it at a later stage, apply for other positions and also review the status of your application.

If your application's successful, we'll invite you to attend either an interview or an assessment event. If you're invited to an interview or assessment event, you will be required to provide documentation to support your identity and eligibility to work in the UK. If you're not sure where to find this information, or what you'll need to provide click on the links below for full details:

Alternatively, if you have any questions about immigration you can call The Immigration Enquiry Bureau on 0870 606 7766

Our Recruitment Promise

During the application process we'll keep in touch every step of the way. We know how big a decision it is for you to apply for a job. Once you do we'll work hard to keep you up to speed on how your application is progressing. With your help, we can make your application as quick and smooth as possible. This is what will happen during your application:

Progress of your application

We'll send you an acknowledgement upon receipt of your application.

We'll let you know the progress of your application within 7 working days of applying. We'll either invite you to attend an interview or assessment event or let you know if your application has been unsuccessful. If for some reason it's been placed on hold or there's been a delay in the process, we'll still write to you and keep you up to date.

Inviting you to your interview

If you are invited to an interview or assessment event, we'll tell you about everything you need. For instance, the location, time, who to contact and what to bring with you. We'll let you know all this at least 48 hours before the big day. If you can't come, or decide to withdraw your application, please give us at least 24 hours' notice. That way, we may be able to invite someone else to take your place.

Outcome of your interview or assessment

We'll give you an update on the outcome or your interview or assessment within 7 working days of your interview or assessment event. We'll either offer you the role or let you know if you've been unsuccessful. If we do make you an offer you'll need to accept, at least verbally, within 2 working days. On occasion, we may need to advise you that there's been a delay in the process.

If you've been successful, we'll send you written confirmation which will include a couple of important forms for you to complete and return back to us.

Your employment contract

We promise to send your Employment Contract within 2 weeks of your start date.

Giving you feedback

You can request feedback at any stage of our recruitment process. And whether you're successful or not, we promise to provide feedback within 7 working days of your request.

In the meantime, we hope your application for a job with us goes well. We wish you the best of luck.

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