Our shops are the most public side of our family. The work's physically demanding. But it's very rewarding, too, because we see ourselves as part of the community as well as a successful retailer. And because our shops are so busy, there's always something happening. Everyone pitches in and gets involved in a wide variety of jobs throughout the day.

We have a number of different roles within our shops, from Shop Manager to Team Member. Whatever your job, you'll help provide more than just excellent customer service. You'll be the friendly face our customers drop in to see and you'll be vitally important to everything we do.

As well as the teams in our shops, we have seven Heads of Retail, who each oversee a retail region with around 250-300 shops. Each region is split into five or six territories of 50-60 shops led by a Retail Operations Manager. Each territory is split into five or six areas – each with an Area Manager responsible for between 10 and 12 shops. Generally, everyone in field management is on the road a lot. But everyone needs a place to call home. Usually, they're based in a local shop or office.

Whether you're shop or field-based, though, you'll quickly see one of the reasons we've become successful is the way we've been able to translate our ideas and top-level aims into practical ways of working. We also make sure everyone in our family gets the rewards they deserve for making all this happen.


Shifts can be long and physically demanding. Most of the work happens between 5am and 7pm, but many shops open a variety of longer hours, including late nights, as well as bank holidays and Sundays.


Everyone in our family values hard work and commitment. We offer competitive salaries and rates of pay which may differ depending on the location. Please see the job description for the vacancy you’re interested in for exact details.

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